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5 Reasons Why Moms Love Solar

5 Reasons Why Moms Love Solar
May 12, 2023

Women are increasingly driving the decision to go solar in their households. The norm for household spending and home improvements is 80% controlled by women and 80% initiated by women. As moms are leading the way to a cleaner, safer, and affordable lifestyle with solar energy, here are a few reasons why moms are choosing to go solar.


 1. Cost Savings off Utilities 

As the solar industry continues to grow, solar costs continue to go down. Currently, there is a 62% annual average decrease in the price of solar energy. So the cost of solar has gone down, but by switching to solar, you eliminate your electric bill and enter into fixed-rate solar that is significantly lower; in fact, you can see up to a 40% decrease in your electric bill. Because of this, Moms appreciate the power of solar as a wise financial investment for their home and family and provide annual cost savings, energy independence, and reliability.


2. Sustainable Lifestyle

Research illustrates that the transition to motherhood encourages sustainable behavior and thinking long term about the importance of maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. And since solar energy is sustainable by converting the sun’s energy into electrical energy, it uses the most sustainable resource on the planet, sunlight.


3. Increase Value of Family Home

Moms look at solar power as an excellent financial investment because, in addition to cost savings, the value of their family home increases as well. Typically the higher the savings potential solar provides, the more property value can be added. On average, solar panels increase the value of a home by 4.1%. These statistics are according to Zillow’s analysis of homes across the country. “You’re preserving the family’s ability to enjoy the home for a long time,” says Michael Gerson, senior wealth planning strategist for Wells Fargo Private Bank.


4. The lower carbon footprint for future generations

The average 4-person household produces 83,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year; 20,750 pounds per person! Mothers are concerned with climate change and are working towards reducing their family’s carbon footprint by participating in more eco-friendly activities. Switching to solar energy to power their home is one of them. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, when you produce about 1000 kWh of electricity using solar panels, you reduce emissions by more than 1,400 pounds of carbon dioxide, 8 pounds of sulfur dioxide, and 5 pounds of nitrogen oxides. A solar panel with a projected 28 years of operation would significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 100 tons!


5. Free up funds for college savings and family excursions

Last but certainly not least, moms are thinking long-term when switching to solar energy. With the reduction in cost, ROI, and new sustainable lifestyle, there are extra funds for the things that matter most to a mom, family time and education.


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