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Latest Research Reveals: Bifacial Solar Panels Boost Energy Yields in the Palestinian Region

Latest Research Reveals: Bifacial Solar Panels Boost Energy Yields in the Palestinian Region
Nov 01, 2023

The solar energy sector in the Palestinian region is undergoing continuous development, and the latest research findings have sparked significant interest in the performance of bifacial solar panels. A research team from An-Najah National University and the German Jordanian University conducted a comparative study, uncovering that under specific conditions, bifacial solar panels can provide higher electrical output than traditional monofacial solar panels.


1. Research Findings:

   - The research team utilized PVsyst simulation software to conduct a series of tests on solar systems in Nablus. They compared the performance of traditional monofacial solar panels and bifacial solar panels, revealing that bifacial solar panels increase electrical output by an average of 6.81% under certain conditions.

2. Impact of Surfaces and Albedo:

   - The study considered various surface types, including black asphalt, artificial green grass, sand, and white paint, each with different albedo values. High albedo surfaces, such as white paint, provide additional reflected light to bifacial solar panels, enhancing their energy yields.

3. Emerging Technology:

   - Additionally, bifacial solar panels hold potential for boosting energy yields, especially when equipped with innovative Topcon technology. This technology enhances panel efficiency, enabling them to perform exceptionally well under specific conditions.

SpolarPV's Bifacial Solar Panels:

   - Meanwhile, some leading brands in the solar industry are pushing technological innovation. SpolarPV recently introduced its 445W 182mm 108-piece all-black bifacial solar panel, incorporating innovative Topcon technology, elevating its efficiency to an impressive 22.05%. This means that SpolarPV's bifacial solar panels can better adapt to diverse environmental conditions, increasing energy yields and providing robust support for renewable energy projects in the Palestinian region.

spolarpv 430w solar panel



- This research brings fresh insights to the solar industry, enhancing our understanding of the performance of bifacial solar panels. Ongoing innovations and research in this field offer hope for our energy future, while SpolarPV's bifacial solar panels also provide strong support for the development of renewable energy.


Call to Action:

- If you are interested in SpolarPV's 445W 182mm 108-piece all-black bifacial solar panels, please feel free to contact our sales team to obtain more details about this innovative product. We are eager to provide support to help you harness solar energy resources effectively and boost energy yields.


This modified article maintains its objectivity, presents research findings, and introduces SpolarPV's product information at appropriate points, emphasizing how the product can provide support and enhance energy yields.

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