Say goodbye to 2022 and welcome the New Year!

Say goodbye to 2022 and welcome the New Year!


2022 is coming to end and 2023 is just around the corner. It is because of the efforts of the staff, SpolarPV to success. Back in 2022 years of hard work and harvest, to share each other’s success and joy. The company called for advanced study in the New Year, the foothold official duty, create new results.

 BIPV solar module

In solar subsidies in 2022, under the condition of increasing competition, SpolarPV still maintained the growth situation, realize the sustained and healthy development, the annual sales revenue grew by 30% year on year. SpolarPV achieved a major breakthrough in 2022,  battery and component production has bigger growth, especially the component implements the historic breakthrough, the annual components production and sales up 33% from a year earlier.

China’s solar energy industry has entered a new phase of development, industry started from extensive to intensive, from unitary model to create a service-oriented transformation. In 2023, the company will implement the solar modules upgrade program plans, improve industry position. At the same time, to achieve the efficient of the battery, the company will increase investment in technology innovation, the introduction of the new TopCon technology, improve the market competitiveness of products. Companies will be more reasonable industrial structure, to further improve ability to resist risks. 

2023 will be the company development on the most critical year, also take the initiative to adapt to industry changes, completes the layout, to realize the leaping type development to lay a solid foundation for a year. Company will do not forget to do strongly does the beginner’s mind of photovoltaic industry, remember SpolarPV chairman of the board advocated by the enterprise spirit, work together, united struggle, and firmly believe that as long as the persistence, dream can achieve it!

In the new year, SpolarPV employees agreed with one hundred times the passion will be devoted to the work of the New Year, strive for the leap development of the company.

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