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Same Sky Same Sunshin

Same Sky Same Sunshin
Apr 12, 2021

SpolarPV mono panels


In 2020, the spreading of pandemic didn’t intimidate SpolarPV. The company purchased and sent masks as many as possible to the medical workers fighting in the frontline, hoping that we could defeat the virus.


SpolarPV is donating epidemic-prevention materials, may our efforts bring some aids to the fight against COVID-19. And hope all capable organizations join in the donation activity. Let's join hands together to save the world, may it recover to peace early.


Estamos en el mismo cielo y el mismo sol


Unimos todos para mejorar nuestro mundo. Que nuestro esfuerzo traiga la luz a la lucha contra COVID-19. Que el mundo entero se recupere pronto a la paz.


Gleicher Himmel, gleicher Sonnenschein


SpolarPV spendet Schutzmaterial zur Epidemie-Prävention. In schwierigen Zeiten leisten wir mit unseren Bemühungen einen Anteil zur Unterstützung am Kampf gegen COVID-19. Wir hoffen, dass alle fähigen Organisationen sich gerade jetzt solidarisch an Spendenaktionen beteiligen. Lasst uns gemeinsam die Welt retten!


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