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SpolarPV brings 182mm solar panels at GreenPower

SpolarPV brings 182mm solar panels at GreenPower
May 17, 2023

SpolarPV is a leading solar energy company, committed to innovation and sustainability. We specialize in the design, manufacture and distribution of solar panels and solutions, catering to residential, commercial and industrial applications in the global market.


We are currently showcasing our latest solar product range, including the 550W 182mm standard solar panel and the 410W 182mm all-black panel, at the GreenPower Exhibition in Poland. Our booth at 8A-35 has received significant footfall, highlighting the tremendous interest in our cutting-edge products and solutions.


We recognize the importance of the Polish and European markets and have laid special emphasis on expanding our presence and gaining a foothold. Our vision is to contribute towards the global development of clean energy.


At the exhibition, our sales representatives, Neyman, Tiffany, and COO Arleen, are engaging with prospective clients, discussing our products, and generating interest. Through one-on-one meetings, we have a better understanding of our customer’s needs and can offer tailor-made solutions.


As a solar energy company, we prioritize sustainable solutions for the betterment of future generations. Our participation in the GreenPower Exhibition is a step towards realizing our commitment to providing high-quality, efficient, and sustainable solar energy solutions.


We aim to work towards a better future with our advanced solar technology and solutions, helping businesses and individuals transition to a renewable energy source. We look forward to expanding our presence in the Polish and European markets, and beyond.





SpolarPV at GreenPower



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