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SpolarPV Contributes to South American Solar Revolution: December Weather Report

SpolarPV Contributes to South American Solar Revolution: December Weather Report
Jan 22, 2024

As we delve into the meteorological conditions of South America in December, a remarkable tale unfolds, showcasing the diverse impact on solar power production in Brazil and Argentina. Solcast's data analysis through the Solcast API reveals intriguing patterns, providing insights into the regional dynamics that influenced solar energy generation.


Weather Highlights:


In Brazil, anomalous easterly winds diverted Amazonian moisture inland, resulting in a sunnier December than usual. The majority of utility-scale solar assets, concentrated in the East, experienced irradiance levels 20-30% above average, leading to exceptional solar power production. Rio De Janeiro, too, basked in its sunniest December since 2014.


Argentina, however, faced convective storms and flash flooding in the central regions, reducing December irradiance well below average. The southern part of the country enjoyed drier and sunnier conditions, with daily irradiance surpassing the North.


These weather patterns, typical of El Niño, had muted effects in some areas, such as coastal Ecuador and Peru, where irradiance remained neutral to slightly above normal despite the expected increased rainfall.


SpolarPV Products and Solutions:


In the face of such diverse weather conditions, SpolarPV's cutting-edge solar panels demonstrated their resilience and efficiency.


1. 430W Full-Black Bifacial Solar Panel (N-type, 108 cells): SpolarPV's flagship product proved its mettle by outperforming expectations in Brazil's sunnier-than-average December. The unique temperature regulation capability ensured optimal performance in varying weather conditions.

 430w full black solar panel

2. BIPV Solutions (380W, PERC, 182mm cells): SpolarPV's Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) products, available in red, yellow, green, and blue, showcased not only aesthetic versatility but also exceptional power output. The PERC technology and 182mm cells contributed to maintaining efficiency even during adverse weather events.

BIPV solution solar  panel 

3. 580W Topcon Bifacial Solar Panel (N-type, Dual-Glass): SpolarPV's high-powered solar panel with Topcon technology, featuring N-type cells and dual-sided generation, proved to be a robust solution. The double-glass construction and resistance to high mechanical loads make it an ideal choice for challenging weather conditions.

 580w solar module high-efficiency

SpolarPV's 2024 Commitment to South America:


Looking ahead, SpolarPV is poised to enhance its presence in the South American region in 2024, reaffirming its dedication to contributing to the energy transition. By offering innovative and reliable solar solutions, SpolarPV aims to play a crucial role in the sustainable energy development of South America.


In conclusion, as the weather narrative unfolds, so does SpolarPV's commitment to providing resilient solar solutions, making significant strides in shaping the future of solar energy in South America.

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