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SpolarPV held an outdoor team building activity

SpolarPV held an outdoor team building activity
Mar 07, 2023

3.8 International Women's Day is coming, in order to strengthen the relationship between employees, yesterday, SpolarPV team held an outdoor team building activity. We played floor curling and frisbee catching, and we had BBQ at noon. During the event, everyone took physical exercise, improved the ability of teamwork, and enhanced the emotional communication among colleagues.




Floor Curling, also known as Earth Curling, is a throwing sport that is played by teams on a smooth surface. The goal of winning is achieved by stopping the curling ball at a pre-set position or hitting the opponent's curling ball out. Dryland curling movement and static combination, pay attention to skills, no need to collision, physical fitness does not require too much, pay attention to the cooperation between teammates and strategies, will exercise the flexibility of the participants' body and the power of control; At the same time can exercise the brain strain ability, the judgment ability, to grasp the opportunity ability.




Frisbee is a movement of throwing a disc-shaped instrument. The disc is round, with a diameter of 22.2-687.5 px and a thickness of 8.75-50px. Use your fingers and wrists to make it rotate and float in the air. This seemingly simple form of exercise, in fact, contains many of the basic physical qualities you should have. The first is power. If you don't have enough arm power, it's impossible to repeatedly throw a frisbee tens of meters away. The second is accuracy. Being able to throw a Frisbee in a basic, accurate position is an excellent way to train your eyes, brain and hands. And flexibility. Ask the receiver to run, jump, pounce, or lie down to catch the Frisbee. Finally, antagonism. If you divide 10 athletes into equal numbers of two groups, like playing rugby to fight for a Frisbee, not enough physical strength to fight for, is absolutely not to achieve the goal of physical exercise. So, playing frisbee is really a good form of overall fitness. For knowledge worker who sit at their desks all day, it's an excellent form of physical recovery, Fatigue Relief, and brain exercise.



This outward bound training has strengthened our self-confidence, honed our willpower to overcome difficulties, improved our ability to solve problems, and enhanced our sense of participation and responsibility towards the collective, i think this experience will certainly bring great help in the future work.

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