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Boost development of Hungary's energy industry

Boost development of Hungary's energy industry
Sep 23, 2022

SpolarPV's massive of solar modules are loading will boost the green development of Hungary's energy industry. SpolarPV provide customers with high-quality solar modules, and actively ensure product quality for customers' solar energy business.


Statistics from MAVIR, a company established by the Hungarian State Grid to manage new energy sources, show that 52% of Hungary's electricity production in 2019 came from nuclear power, 19% from coal, 17% from natural gas, and only 10.49% of renewable energy. Hungary's renewable energy mainly includes biomass energy, wind energy, hydropower and solar energy, of which solar energy accounts for only 0.03%, the lowest proportion of renewable energy. The installed capacity of Hungarian solar power plants has grown significantly from 2019 to 129 MW, after which the average annual installed capacity increased to 59 MW. At the same time, Hungary has an average annual sunshine of about 2,000 hours, which is fully equipped with the natural conditions for the development of solar energy.


China's new energy is fueling the Hungarian economy. China is a major user of new energy and a major producer of solar panels. More than half of the new global investment in new energy comes from China. It can be seen that China has its own advantages in the field of new energy. The production capacity cooperation between China and Hungary has added new energy sources to the existing chemicals, automobiles, and telecommunications. The cooperation in this field will continue to 'contribute to the Hungarian economy' and will become a new highlight of the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.



182mm mono solar module packing 182mm mono solar module packing


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