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Customer from Hungary ordered 40KW solar module

Customer from Hungary ordered 40KW solar module
Sep 16, 2022

SpolarPV is thrilled to have positive feedback from the Europe market. Our customer in Hungary ordered 40KW SpolarPV high-efficiency module 380W for his residential usage and a PV power station investment. Hungary has the natural advantage of solar radiation. With our powerful PV products, the solar experience will be enhanced. SpolarPV take our customers' orders seriously and deliver them aggressively. SpolarPV guarantees to provide deliver the best solar solution to global users. We are so glad our products get widely recognized and have such a great reputation. Thank customers for their recognition of our products, customer satisfaction is the driving force for us to move forward. 


SpolarPV Solar Module factory packing and shipping


182mm mono solar module packing and shipping


SpolarPV is an innovation-driven and technology-leading company in PV product manufacturing. SpolarPV contributes to providing high-efficiency PV modules, high-quality solar cells, high-tech integrative solar systems for our valued customers.


SpolarPV provide better solar solutions innovatively. With more and more needs for clean energy, SpolarPV continues to bring a more efficient, convenient, and reliable series of PV products to global users. To achieve the ultimate goal, SpolarPV has high-end technology factories to help achieve annual production of 1GW capacity PV modules, and solar cells.


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