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Greece's Solar PV Market Enters New Growth Era, SpolarPV Commits to Clean Energy Support in 2024

Greece's Solar PV Market Enters New Growth Era, SpolarPV Commits to Clean Energy Support in 2024
Apr 02, 2024

Greece, April 2, 2024 - Recent data released indicates remarkable growth in Greece's solar PV market in 2023. According to reports from the Hellenic Association of Photovoltaic Companies (Helapco), the country added 1.59GW of PV capacity last year, bringing the cumulative PV capacity to 7.1GW. This achievement marks the onset of a new growth era for Greece's solar PV market.


SpolarPV, as one of the leading players in the solar industry, recognizes the critical importance of clean energy for the future of Greece and the world. Therefore, we are committed to bringing innovation and progress to the Greek solar market in 2024. As part of our commitment, we will continue to introduce high-performance solar products, providing Greek consumers with reliable and efficient clean energy solutions.


This year, SpolarPV will continue to lead the market, contributing to Greece's renewable energy targets. Our 700W dual-glass solar module, featuring 210mm solar cells and Topcon technology, with high mechanical load and conversion efficiency, offers Greek consumers more choices, empowering them to achieve sustainability and energy efficiency.

 700w bifacial  solar module

In addition to product innovation, SpolarPV will actively engage in policy formulation and advocacy for Greece's solar energy policies, collaborating with government agencies and industry associations to drive the development of the solar industry. We believe that through continuous collaboration and effort, we can jointly achieve the prosperity and sustainable development of Greece's clean energy industry.


"The growth of Greece's solar market presents us with tremendous opportunities and greater responsibilities," said a spokesperson for SpolarPV. "We will continue to focus on providing Greek consumers with high-quality solar products and services, working together to promote the development of clean energy and build a better future."


The vibrant growth of Greece's solar PV market brings new hope and opportunities to the clean energy industry. As a key participant in Greece's solar market, SpolarPV will continue to leverage its strengths, making positive contributions to market development and advancing Greece's clean energy transition to greater achievements.

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