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SpolarPV Boosts Italy’s Solar Market Growth

SpolarPV Boosts Italy’s Solar Market Growth
May 31, 2024

Italy's cumulative installed PV capacity reached 32 GW by the end of March, spread across about 1.7 million installations, according to Italia Solare. In Q1 2024, the country deployed 1.72 GW of new PV capacity, up from 1.05 GW in Q1 2023, driven by medium-sized commercial, industrial systems, and large-scale utility projects.


SpolarPV is dedicated to delivering high-efficiency, reliable solar solutions in the Italian market. Recognizing Italy’s demand for clean energy, SpolarPV actively promotes advanced photovoltaic technology and products. Our team collaborates with businesses and utilities across Italy, helping achieve their energy transition and sustainability goals.


Looking ahead, SpolarPV aims to lead the Italian market with innovative solar solutions. By improving product efficiency and performance, we intend to drive Italy’s green energy revolution. We believe that efficient and reliable solar products can significantly contribute to Italy’s renewable energy development.


A standout product from SpolarPV is the 445W N-Type Solar Panel. This high-performance module features a power range of 420 to 445W, a conversion efficiency of 22.83%, and utilizes 182mm solar cells in a 108-cell bifacial, dual-glass design. It boasts high mechanical load capacity, offers a full black version, and is highly durable in various environments. With products like the 445W N-Type Solar Panel, SpolarPV provides superior photovoltaic solutions, supporting Italy’s green energy goals.

445w solar module

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