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Study Highlights Minimal Impact of Excessive Row Spacing on PV System Performance

Study Highlights Minimal Impact of Excessive Row Spacing on PV System Performance
Jun 05, 2024

A recent study from the University of Science and Technology of China reveals that increasing row spacing in photovoltaic (PV) arrays has a limited effect on improving system performance. Contrary to common belief, larger spacing does not significantly enhance thermal convection or power yield. Optimal PV system efficiency depends more on ensuring full irradiance and accounting for wind speed rather than increasing row spacing.


SpolarPV's Innovative Approach


In light of these findings, it's crucial to focus on quality and technology rather than excessive spacing. SpolarPV exemplifies this approach with our advanced solar solutions, designed to maximize efficiency and reliability.


Introducing the 700W TOPCon Solar Module


Our 700W TOPCon Solar Module stands out with its cutting-edge features:


- Power Output Range:** 685-700W

- Cell Type: 210mm TOPCon cells for higher efficiency and improved performance.

- Configuration: 132 cells, bifacial design to capture more sunlight and increase power generation.

- Durability:*Dual glass structure providing high mechanical load capacity and longevity.

- Technology: Anti-glaring TOPCon technology to reduce reflection and enhance energy capture.


Product Advantages


- High Efficiency: The 210mm TOPCon cells ensure maximum energy conversion, providing a significant power boost compared to traditional modules.

- Bifacial Design: By generating power from both sides, these modules increase overall energy yield, especially in installations with reflective surfaces.

- Robust Construction: The dual glass design ensures durability and resistance to environmental stress, making it ideal for various climates and conditions.

- Advanced Technology: Anti-glaring TOPCon technology minimizes light reflection, ensuring more sunlight is converted into electricity.

 700w topcon solar module

For more information, explore our products.


By integrating advanced technology and optimal design, SpolarPV ensures top-tier performance and sustainability for your solar needs.

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