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Trees make green mountains, Solar modules create blue sky

Trees make green mountains, Solar modules create blue sky
Mar 12, 2016

Early spring and March all things, the sun and the wind shine people, is a good spring light, tree planting green just right time. March 12, 2020, is Chinese 42nd Tree Planting Day, the importance of trees to the Earth's ecosystem and human survival and development is self-evident. And a rise in the photovoltaic power plant is like a solar forest, they draw the power of sunlight, in the desert Gobi, in the hills and rocks, in the beach island, in the roof idle, blooming into a piece of blue sea, releasing a steady stream of green energy.


SpolarPV Technology Co., Ltd has always adhered to its mission commitment, practice the road of sustainable development, promote the new energy production and consumption revolution, and constantly use solar energy technology to change the world, with solar energy for the benefit of all mankind. At present, the cumulative construction of photovoltaic power plants in the world more than 2 GW, power generation of about 2.1 billion KWh, saving standard coal about 770,000 tons, reducing carbon dioxide emissions of about 2.15 million tons, reducing dust emissions of about 550,000 tons, water saving about 4.35 million tons, equivalent to 1.4 million trees.


As the saying goes, "It takes ten years to grow trees, but a hundred to rear people.", for SpolarPV is " One day to make solar modules, a lifetime is a solar module staffs ".In the planting of “the sun” road, SpolarPV will unswervingly go down.



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